About Concrenetics

Concrenetics HyCoEx stands for fully digital production of architectural concrete.

For many years designers have embraced digital methods: 3D CAD drawings, photo-realistic renderings and, recently, highly immersive virtual reality visualization techniques have empowered their creativity. When it comes to production, however, such digital workflow is disrupted and concrete precast plants had no alternative but to rely on labor-intensive semi-craft methods. In other words, customization and mass production have been incompatible concepts. No more! Based on state of the art robotics and concrete technology, HyCoEx is the fully digital production method, a single machine that closes any remaining gap between design and production.

Concrenetics HyCoEx, architectural concrete has entered the era of mass customization.

A flagship project that shows the revolutionary capability of HyCoEx, the wholly digital production method for architectural concrete.

Here's Joe Doucet's take on his experience: 

“Technology plays a huge role in what we do. Take the bench project in Times Square—it went from a concept rendered out on a computer, presented digitally, approved by the appropriate parties. Digital files were sent to a manufacturer ... the final piece arrives in Times Square, and the first time I physically interact with it is on the night of the installation.
That’s something that would be completely unheard of even five years ago.
Literally every decision was made digitally on my screen, and that removes about eight steps of approvals and decision making from other parties that would have probably drastically changed the outcome of what the project was. Technology puts all that power right in the hands of the designer, and that’s remarkable.”

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